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Wallbox Eiffel Basic Dual Port Pedestal

Wallbox Eiffel Basic Dual Port Pedestal

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Wallbox presents Eiffel Basic, its most competitive EV charging pedestal accessory for Dual mounting. The pedestal is set up as a support accessory for the installation of the Pulsar Plus 40A & Pulsar Plus 48A.

  • Elegant and compact mounting for Pulsar Plus allows for no cable mess while also saving you space.
  • Optional components include a cable holder, and connector holder.
  • The dual port pedestal accessory is designed for the installation of two chargers, one on either side.
  • Multiple power supply ports allow for virtually any wiring or conduit situation.
  • Can be installed in underground parking lots, surface parking lots, homes, and more.
Dimensions: 55,12 x 7,95 x 7,87 inch
Weight: 27lbs
Body - Aluminum
Base - SUS

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