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Inteset Extension Cable Reviews

★★★★★ - "Exactly what i needed. Perfect to extend my 16' level 2 charger. Works really well, dont hesitate to purchase if you need to add length to your charger cable."

★★★★★ -
"Works and quality materials. Nice J-1772 extension. I have 2 of these, one in each property (first, over 1 year old, second 2 months). The cable gets a little warm. My experience with all J-1772 I used from different charging places do get warm. So personally, I wouldn't worry about this. I do check it once in a while, and the warmth is consistent. If it gets any warmer, then I would worry."

★★★★★ - "Seems to work well. just got this today, we have an older ge wattcharger or something like that and the unit is way overbuilt for commercial charging but the cord is short. i was gonna move the whole unit but this was a cheaper option though seems kinda expensive for what it is....anyhow from what i can tell it looses a little power over the distance and through the connectors as it shows 6.7/6.8 megawatts or whatever verse i think what was 7.1 before but that makes sense as it is simply physics with the connections and the longer cord. All that said it is made in the USA and it came packaged very well and so far nothing has heated up and seems to be exactly what is described.""

★★★★★ - "Easy to use, exactly what was advertised. Product is labeled on the box and components that it's made in the USA and UL listed. I elected to pay extra for the assurance that I will be using domestic parts that have gone through a worthwhile quality control process. Plugs both indicate a 50A rating and the cable indicates a 40A rating, paper instructions caution to not charge more than 40A so it all checks out. The product works as advertised and offers me the extended length I need to charge when I get home second and the garage is already claimed. No issues over the first week of ownership of the garage door damaging the cable or being unable to close.

Andrew F.
★★★★★ -  "Purchased to use with RAV4 Prime XSE. So far so good. Adds the needed extension to get to the outlet. Safer than a household extension cord. Worth the price."

E39 Nutz
★★★★★ -  "A quality Extension Cable. This cable works like it should, made in USA, appears to be well constructed. Its also nice that it comes with a carrying bag. I have used it a few times already on a car parked outside of the garage."

Marc D.
★★★★★ -  "I use this to extend the charging cable for my 2017 Bolt when I can't get close enough to the charging station. Works just as you'd expect. Robust construction. Good weather/water resistance."

Rod of SATX
★★★★★ -  "I have been looking for such an extension cord for my 9 year old Chevy Volt for many years. This extension cord makes plugging in much easier in my tight fitting garage."

Wise Shopper
★★★★★ -  "Charging my Hyundai Santa Fe PHEV I receive the max 1.3 kW an hour, as the Inteset cable is rated for 40 amps while my car's cable delivers 12 amps from a 115 Watt wall socket. The cable is very sturdy and I look forward to many years of use."

Inteset Universal Remote Reviews

Henry G.
★★★★★ - "Easiest to program!"
"I wanted to be able to run my Blu-ray player my stereo system my TV and my digital TV box. It was very easy to program buttons to do whatever I wanted to do much easier than any remotes I've had in the past. I I like that it has a number of non-used programmable buttons that you can have do many different tasks. Overall I've never had a better remote and I'm very happy with it."

Caco F.
★★★★★ -
 "Very Comfortable to Handle."
"Works Great. Was tired of old remote keys not working and carrying multiple remotes. Well built. Love the size as it fits in your hand unlike the box of matches size Apple TV remote that one is constantly fumbling with. Companies need to learn that compact and small is not always the best for the Human Hand."

Jason G.
★★★★★ - "It. just. works."
"You know... This is another of those gadgets that -really- surprises me. But first my setup: I'm using- Sony Bravia TV, Sony soundbar, and an Xbox One. (No cable, no dish, etc. Just TV, Sound and Game.)"

Kaz A.
★★★★★ - "Durable and affordable."

"This is my second year replacing a very expensive universal remote for a denon/spectrum/Samsung setup. Took me about 20 minutes to set up, and has been ‘ol reliable ever since. It’s not perfect, but for the price it’s sustained abuse and done what I’ve needed to it do. I believe I could make further adjustments to take advantage of more features. Overall volume works well. The A-D selector on top has worked fine, and it’s lived through spills and use from kids. Super pleased."

Mr. T Bear
★★★★★ -  "This universal remote is the best I've seen!"
This remote surprised me at how easy and painless it was to set up. So what if you need to go to the web to lookup device codes? The way the site is organized, it's actually easier! I programmed in four devices. Boom! They ALL worked!"

Jonathan R.
★★★★★ -  " Outstanding Universal Remote For Xbox One Owners"
"In an attempt to "cut the cable", I decided to use my Xbox One as a dedicated media center and came to Amazon to purchase the Microsoft remote control. I was surprised to see this product as an option as I had thought there was only one option available at the moment. That surprise also came with a bit of hesitation because I had never heard of Inteset and reviews were so few. The price helped ease my concerns and I decided it would be worth the risk."