Inteset Wireless IR Repeater, Extender & Blaster Sends Infrared using Radio Frequency (RF) for DirectTV, Dish, Tivo, Cable Boxes and most other A/V Devices


  • Dual Band, Long Range 38 to 56 kHz frequency infrared (IR and RF) receiving and transmitting
  • Conceals Cable Box (STB) and other A/V components Wirelessly using almost any Remote
  • Wireless Distance: up to more than 100 ft. Distance may vary due to obstacles. No direct line-of-sight needed
  • Plug and play easy installation. Compatible with most IR devices including Uverse, Dish, DirectTV & Cisco STBs. May not work with some newer FIOS boxes. Be sure your remote and box are set to IR not RF.
  • FAST US Support with a One Year Warranty. 

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Inteset Wireless IR Repeater, Extender & Blaster Sends Infrared using Radio Frequency (RF) for DirectTV, Dish, Tivo, Cable Boxes and most other A/V Devices

This wireless remote control system kit allows you to control devices up to hundreds of feet away through walls, cabinets and other obstacles with no direct line-of-sight needed except from the remote to your TV. Obstacles such as thick barriers, metal studs and steel mesh in walls reduce the signals effectiveness but distances of more than one hundred feet are not uncommon.

Compact at less than 2 inches in diameter. You place the IR Receiver Unit near your TV or attach the IR Receiver cable to your TV if you want to hide the IR Unit. Your remote’s signal will then be received and transmitted via Radio Frequency (RF) to the Emitter Unit near the device(s) you want to control. Then you plug the IR Emitter Cable into the Emitter Unit, attach the emitter bud(s) onto the IR Receiver(s) of your equipment and the system is ready to go. If you use the emitter buds be sure to cover the IR receiver on the device you want to control precisely.The emitter bud must be right on top of the IR receiver of the device.

The Kit contains: (1) IR Receiver Unit (RX), (1) IR Receiver Cable, (1) IR Emitter Unit (TX), (1) IR Dual Head Emitter Cable (Controls 2 Devices), (2) 12v Power Adapters, User Manual.

Additional devices can be controlled on each emitter unit, up to 4, by using a 4 bud emitter cable. We have compatible 4 bud emitter cables available. You can also add IR Emitter Units if you want to expand the number of devices beyond 4.

Installation Instructions:

You can create just about any layout from the typical installation shown to any combination of Receivers and Emitters that fit your requirements.

Step 1– Place the IR Receiver Unit and IR Receiver Cable in your desired location (ex: TV, Display). Mount the IR Receiver cable in a line-of-sight position for easy access by your remotes IR signal.

Step 2– Place the IR Emitter Unit and IR Emitter Cable on the device(s) you want to control. (ex: STB, DVD player, Receiver). The emitter bud should be placed directly on the IR sensor of the device you are trying to control.

Step 3– Plug the IR Receiver Cable into the IR Receiver socket on the Receiver Unit and plug the IR Emitter Cable  into the IR Emitter socket of the Emitter Unit.

Step 4– Connect the power supply to each unit.

If the units are properly connected they will sync in a few moments automatically. Then when you press a button on your remote while pointing it at the IR Receiver the blue LED on each unit will flash.

If both blue LEDs do not flash check to be sure the connections are firmly in place.

This version works with AT&T Uverse, Dish TV, Direct TV, Tivo, Cisco STB’s (see below) and most other IR A/V products. If you have any issues with your device(s) be sure to let us know.

Incompatibility List:

We strive to increase the devices that work with our products. However, at the present time, these devices are not compatible with this wireless IR Receiver.

  • No incompatible devices at this time.

Troubleshooting Installation Issues

Please confirm the following on your installation:

  1. The base unit labeled IR Receiver is at the location that you want to point the remote at (usually your TV) while the base unit labeled Emitter is next to the device you want to control (i.e. Cable Box etc).
  2. The IR Receiver cable with the red plug is inserted firmly into the IR Receiver unit and the head end of the cable is mounted on your TV bezel in clear sight of your remote.
  3. The IR Emitter cable (2 heads) is plugged into the IR Emitter base unit and one emitter head is mounted directly over the IR sensor on the device you want to control-like your cable box.
  4. The power adapters are each plugged into a base unit in the jack labeled “5v” and then plugged into a wall outlet. (Tip: A USB Cable can be substituted for the adapter to plug into a USB port on your TV.)
  5. When you press a key on your remote, the blue LED on the IR Receiver base unit and the blue LED on the IR Emitter base unit should both blink.
  6. If you are having a problem with reception or range you should move the base units out in the open and closer to test if the units are receiving a signal from your remote when pointed at the IR Receiver head mounted on your TV bezel.

These steps should help with your installation and allow you to identify any problems.

Wireless IR Repeater User Guide

USB Cable replacement for Power Adapter

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