IReTV USB IR Receiver for use with Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, Kodi, MCE, Rasberry Pi & other Streamers with the Inteset INT422 & Harmony Remotes (Remote not included)


  • Control your FireTV (Including Stick & Pendant w/USB “Y” Cable) and other Streamers lacking an IR receiver with the Inteset INT422-3 universal remote.
  • Supports FireTV, Nvidia Shield (2nd Gen), Media Center, Kodi and Raspberry Pi (See Exclusions Below)
  • The INT422-3 will also work with nearly all TV’s, Streamers and other devices that do not require an add-on IR Receiver
  • No Drivers are needed. Plug and Play to any USB port in the device you want to control
  • Blue LED flashes when a signal is received. LED can be turned on/off on Fire TV & Nvidia Shield. Cable is 3 feet long.
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Inteset IReTV USB IR Receiver for use with Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield (2nd Gen), Kodi, MCE, Raspberry Pi and other Streamers with the Inteset INT422 Universal Remote (Remote not included)


The IReTV USB IR Receiver is designed and built to work with FireTV (Including Stick and Pendant w/USB “Y” Cable), Nvidia Shield-2nd Generation consoles (1st Gen and Pro versions do not require an add-on IR receiver), Media Center and MCE related apps as well as Kodi on a PC and Kodi on Raspberry Pi. This IR Receiver works only with Inteset INT422-3 remotes (Remote NOT included).Some older INT422-3 remotes will need to be updated to control Fire TV. Contact us to update your remote free of charge.

To install the IReTV IR Receiver just plug the USB connector into the port on the device you want to control and enter the Device Code for that device in one of the available Device Code buttons (A, B, C, D) at the top of the remote. You can then use the other device buttons for your TV, Cable box etc. We have provided a Key Map for these devices above or you can view the map on our web site. The Device Codes are: 02049 (FireTV), 01272 (Media Center), 02000 & 01272 (Kodi on a PC & Kodi on Raspberry Pi) and 04918 (Nvidia Shield).

Fire TV Stick IReTV Connectivity Diagram

IReTV Key Map for INT422-3

IReTV Key Map for Harmony

IReTV Amazon Listing

USB Y Cable Amazon Listing

How to Use Inteset & Harmony Remotes with IReTV

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