Inteset Wireless Long Range IR Repeater, Extender & Blaster Sends Infrared Using Radio Frequency (RF)


  • Long Range 20 to 60 kHz frequency infrared receiving and transmitting
  • Conceals Cable & Satellite Boxes (STB) and other A/V components Wirelessly using almost any Remote
  • Wireless Distance: of 100 ft or more. Distance may vary due to obstacles. No direct line-of-sight needed. Once paired, other units can be installed in the same house w/o interference.
  • Plug and play easy installation. Compatible with most IR devices including Uverse, Dish & DirectTV. Be sure your remote and box are set to IR not RF. No known incompatibilities
  • FAST Support with a One Year Warranty. Contact us at:


This wireless remote control system kit allows you to control devices up to hundreds of feet away through walls, cabinets and other obstacles. Thick barriers, metal studs and steel mesh in walls can reduce the signals effectiveness but distances of more than one hundred feet are not uncommon. Compact at less than 2 inches square and made from solid aluminum, you place the IR Sender Unit (TX) near your TV or attach the IR Sender cable to your TV bezel if you want to hide the TX Unit. Your remote’s signal will then be received and transmitted via Radio Frequency (RF) from the TX unit to the RX unit near the device you want to control.

Installation Instructions: Step 1- Place the IR Sender (TX) unit and Sender cable in your desired location (ex: TV, Display). Step 2- Place the IR Receiver (RX) unit and IR emitter/receiver cable on the device you want to control. (ie: STB, DVD player, A/V Receiver). The emitter bud should be placed directly on the IR sensor of the device you are trying to control. Step 3- Plug the IR Sender (TX) cable into the “Ext IR IN” jack on the TX unit and plug the IR emitter/receiver cable into the “Ext IR Out” jack of the emitter RX unit. Step 4- Connect the USB power supply cable to each unit and then either plug the USB cables into a USB port on your devices or into the port on a 110v adapter (not included). Additional devices can be controlled, up to 4, by using a 4 bud emitter RX cable available from Inteset. However, control of multiple devices can reduce the signal range. Step 5-Pair the units using the Lock ID buttons on both units. In most cases, after pairing, additional sets can be installed without interference. Contact us at:

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 4 in


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