Inteset USB 2.0 & Micro USB OTG Y Cable for Controlling the Fire TVTV Stick, Pendent, or Cube, Supports Wireless Keyboards and The Inteset IReTV for Universal Remote Control. (IReTV not Included)


  • Works with the Inteset IReTV IR receiver (Not Included) or wireless keyboards for full control of your Fire TV Streamer devices. Fully tested on each Device. No drivers are needed.
  • Supports combined use of the micro USB Fire TV Cube Ethernet adapter
  • Allows for easy mounting of the Fire TV Stick or Pendant devices-Length is 7 inches.
  • Requires the popular Inteset INT422-3 or Logitech for universal remote control
  • This USB host cable cannot support charging functions. It only supports data sync and transfer.


Get universal remote or wireless keyboard control of your Fire TV Stick, Pendant, or Cube. By connecting the streamer to this OTG Y cable at one end and the IReTV (Not Included) or keyboard receiver to the other end. Also supports the Cube Ethernet adapter. Requires the popular Inteset INT422-3 or Logitech for universal remote control.

This cable was built specifically to support plug-n-play functionality with Inteset’s IReTV IR Receiver(Not Included) or wireless keyboards and the Fire TV line of streamers. Just plug the cable’s male micro USB plug into the micro USB port of any of these devices, and then plug the IReTV or keyboard receiver into the female USB port of the cable. To power the Stick or Pendent streamer, insert the power adapter that came with the device into the female micro USB port of the Y cable. Be sure to check our Support Forum for other tips on how to install the devices.

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 7 × 2 × 0.50 in


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