Inteset Infrared(IR) Wireless Pro, Long Range, Ten Channel, Bi-Directional, IR Receiver/Transmitter & Repeater Using Radio Frequency (RF) for Cable & Satellite Boxes as Well as Most Other A/V Devices


  • Use as many a 10 different device groups without interference in the same building. No direct line-of-sight needed. IR Repeater and an IR Extender-Single unit can be used as a Repeater. Not for use with RF Remotes.
  • Works great with the Inteset INT422-3 Remote. Range between IR units up to 300 feet in open space. Some walls may reduce distance.
  • IR Frequencies: 20-60 kHz-Covers virtually all standard A/V devices. Compliant and licensed with CE, FCC, EMC. Many other products on the market are not licensed.
  • Bi-Directional, full band IR Control-Both Units send and receive IR (Units are interchangeable). Automatic Channel Pairing-Allows multiple Units to be used in close proximity w/o interference.
  • Compatible with Inteset Model INT-3856-WRLS Single Channel Wireless Units when in Channel 0. Unit Dimensions 2″ x 1.25″ x 0.5″. Weight is 1 oz. One year warranty.


The Inteset Multi-Channel, Bi-Directional, Wireless Infrared (IR) Receiver/Repeater is the most innovative and flexible product of its kind on the market today. It, literally, can be used to solve any IR transmission and/or IR receiving requirements of any A/V combination of devices in multiple common locations that anyone can create. The user can have multiple device locations anywhere in a home or commercial environment and access all devices with an IR remote from one or more IR Receivers using RF transmissions between IR units. Since each unit can both send and receive IR signals the available combinations of channel pairing of up to ten channels creates IR control in every device location scenario.

Keep in mind that these units only control IR signals. Each TV and device used in these configurations must have A/V cabling (usually HDMI) that corresponds with the use of IR controls being described here. Comes with (2) Receiver/Transmitters(interchangeable), IR Receiver Cable, IR Emitter Cable (2 Head), (2) USB Extension Cables (18″ Long) & the User Guide. 4 Head Emitter Cables are available. Contact us at:

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Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 3 in


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