Inteset 38 kHz Infrared Receiver Extender Cable for HD DVR’s & STB’s


  • Please check your device to be sure you have a 3.5 mini input jack labeled “IR IN”.
  • 30 ft range from remote control to IR receiver. High Immunity to ambient light and noise
  • Highly Reliable with high sensitivity for wide range. Works great with our INT-422 Remote
  • 6 ft shielded cable, 3.5 mini plated stereo plug. Tip-VCC 5V, Center-Data, Lower-Ground.
  • Works with all Universal Remotes and many cable boxes with an IR IN jack. See the exceptions listed below.
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Inteset 38 kHz Infrared Receiver Extender Cable for HD DVR’s & STB’s- Check Compatibility Below

This 38 kHz IR Receiver is sold exclusively by Inteset. No other Vendors sell or ship the same extender. It has been built with the highest quality materials available.There is no better receiver from any competitor at any price.

This allows you to hide your cable set top box behind closed doors in a cabinet or closet. The small receiver bud (7/8″ x 15/16″) will handle all of the same functions as if your set top box was out in the open. It is made to work with nearly all 38 kHz Set Top Boxes (STB) that have a 3.5 mini IR jack in the back of the device. It comes with self stick tape on the back of the IR bud for easy installation on any flat surface. Be sure to mount the bud with a straight line-of-sight to your remote. Below are some of the devices that are confirmed to work with this receiver.

It will work with Comcast X1 & RNG150(Cisco), Verizon HD DVR QIP all QIP 7xxx series, Arris VMS & IPC1100, Pace TDC787X HD, PACE TDC575D DVR, DC50X, DCH100, DCX3200, DCX3300, DCX3220c/e, DCX3400-M, DCX3416, DCX3425, DCX3432, DCX3501, DCX 3501-M, DCX3510-M, DCX3520, DCX 3635, DCX700, RNG100, RNG110, RNG150, RNG200N, Cisco CHS435-HDC, CH335-HDC HD DVR, Channel Master DVR, LG LST-4600A, Thomson DCI1011com, Samsung sr150bnm

It will not work with most Scientific Atlanta/Arris boxes, Motorola DCT or DCH, Series, QIP2500, SA Explorer 4280 HDC, 8300HD, Cisco DTA 30, 50, 1642HDC, 8742HDC, 9865HDC, Verizon Motorola QIP 6416-2 , 6000 series, Motorola/Arris DCX3200-M,DCX3400, DCX3600, DCX3600-M, RNG200. DISH, Direct TV. Will not work with any STB without an active 3.5 “IR In” Port, A/V Receivers, TVs or IR Repeater Systems

If this extender will not work, try our 56 kHz Extender or you can use our IR Repeater Extender.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 0.70 in


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