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Using Device button to also switch HDMI inputs (Inteset-INT-422-3)

When I click the Roku button I naturally expect Roku to appear on the TV screen and work as the Roku remote. I would like to program the device buttons (A, B, C, D) on my Inteset-INT-422-3 remote to do both of the following:

  1. Switch device mode on the remote, and
  2. Switch the HDMI input on the TV

I can configure a device button to do item 1 by following the "Programming Device Control" instructions in the user guide. I can also configure a device button to do item 2 by learning a button (or programming a macro*). However, when I program the button to switch the HDMI input (item 2) it stops functioning as a device mode button (item 1).

So my question is: can I have both item 1 and item 2 on the same button?


* Side note: For my particular setup I use a macro to access each HDMI input. My TV doesn't have a specific button for each HDMI input but it does have a cable input button. I can program HDMI 1 by pressing Cable, Input; program HDMI 2 by pressing Cable, Input, Input, etc.