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Set up an Ethernet adapter to work with the Fire TV Stick & a USB Hub

This is a Users solution to getting an Amazon Ethernet adapter to work with the Fire TV Stick to allow faster data speeds and reduce buffering.

This is the needed configuration supplied by Wendall.

Coming from the wall outlet is the power cable with micro-USB plugged into a y-splitter.
One leg goes to a 4-port USB hub, the second going to the Ethernet adapter.
The Ethernet adapter has input power from the y-splitter, and direct input from the modem.
The output of the Ethernet adapter (micro USB) plugs into the IReTV y-adapter.
The IReTV y-adapter is connected to the IR receiver, the second leg is going into the Fire TV Stick (for power).
To recap  (power path)
From wall to y-splitter
From y-splitter into USB hub, and into Ethernet adapter
From Ethernet adapter into IReTV y-adapter
From IReTV y-adapter into IR receiver, and into Fire TV Stick
When I had the IReTV y-adapter BEFORE the Ethernet adapter I could not control anything with the 422-3 remote. It seems the Ethernet adapter wasn't allowing the IR signal to pass to the Fire TV Stick.
Once I placed the IReTV y-adapter AFTER the Ethernet adapter, the 422-3 remote works flawlessly.
Thanks to Wendell for his research and help on this.