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Roku YouTube TV Macro

Since Inteset doesn't have a built-in command to activate YouTube TV on a Roku device, I created a macro to accomplish the task. First I moved the YouTube TV channel on Roku to the upper left position in the list of channels (you can pick a different location if you want to and then add additional navigation commands to get to the location where you put the YouTube TV channel). I created the macro on one of the colored Inteset keys I wasn't using to access other Roku channels. The macro command is "Menu" (which is the Home command on the Roku remote) three times and then "Right Arrow" (to navigate to the YouTube TV channel) and finally "OK" and there you go. I had to enter the "Menu" button three times because it takes a few seconds for the "Menu" to appear and I couldn't figure out how to create a pause command. If you have a slower or faster internet connection than I do, then you may have to adjust the number of times you enter the "Menu" command. If anyone has a better idea on how to add a time delay to a macro, please post the technique. There are probably other uses of a time delay also.

Great to know. Thanks for the info.