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Remap play key for shield

Hi, I'm using the INT422-3 with a 1st generation nVidia Shield, and for the most part everything is great.  However, one application is fussy about the play button.  The issue is, to start playing a video, the application requests that you press "play".  Neither the play nor pause button on the INT422 will trigger the video to start.  However, once the video is playing, both work as expected.

I have another remote that has a single play/pause button instead of 2 separate buttons, and it works as expected when trying to start the video and during playback.

I'm assuming that the key code for play, pause and play/pause are 3 distinct things.

So my question is, can the play button be remapped or have a macro assigned to send a "play/pause" code instead of "play"?

Thanks in advance!

We will check this and post an update here. Please advise which app is having this problem.


App Id - com.crunchyroll.crunchyroid