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I have my TV set up on the remote.  By default the Sleep button was not setup using the code.  I used the learning function to set Sleep to the Eject button, that works fine.  I'm now trying to use the punch-through option to set that programmed Eject key to my second device.  I cannot get that to work.  Does the punch-through option not work for a learned key?  If not, is there another option?

I have the exact same question. Not working for me either and if there isn’t a way to make it work, how do I delete the punch through codes I already set up that are wrong?

You can not used Punch-through on a Learned key. You would have to try to learn the button press for the Sleep function separately under each device mode for that device. If you want to have the TV Sleep button work under any device code try the Button Mover programming.