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Punch through programming not working

i successfully programmed the red/green/yellow/blue buttons to change my onkyo receiver (red green) to select different sources, and my insignia tv (yellow/blue) to change inputs on my TV

When I follow the instructions to make those punch thru buttons, it does not work

Its supposed to be device mode independent, but in the instructions it asks you to press the device you want to map it to... that seems strange, am I missing something?








I am disappointed that this issue has not been responded to, as I have exactly the same problem.  Punch through code 984 does not work apparently when attempting to use the feature in conjunction with the red/green/yellow/blue buttons.

I am trying to do just what the poster above has a problem with.  I have the colored buttons programmed to tell my A/V receiver which source input to use when I am in A/V device mode (I am using 'B'), but I cannot get these buttons to properly punch through to the other 3 device modes ("A', 'C', 'D') using the 984 punch through code.

Can someone please answer this question and explain how to workaround this issue?  The problem seems pretty straightforward in terms of the dysfunction involved.