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Programming Buttons using the JP1 Connector

One of our users has utilized capabilities in the INT422-3 to program some of the buttons to perform responses that are not available on the standard remote as sold by Inteset. Although Inteset does not support such programming using the remote's JP1 connector, we realize that some users may want to use this option. If a user decides to engage in this process it may void the Inteset warranty on firmware/software related issues. We will continue to cover any hardware issues that may arise in the first year.

Below is the experience of Ramesh Kumar when using the JP1 connector and available 3rd party software to program discrete buttons on his Marantz Receiver.

From Ramesh:
Its an elaborate process and needs some reading. Below is a summary of my work. Each device vendor usually publishes their IR remote codes. I found the Marantz codes for AV8805 and other Marantz devices at:
Please note that not all devices would have discrete codes, but the Marantz 8805 does and uses RC5 for the base and RC5x protocol for the extended discrete codes.
To program the Inteset INT422-3 you need a USB cable that can be found at
Then, using the cable, connect the Inteset INT422-3 to the USB of the computer where the RMIR software has been installed. To connect the cable to the remote the following is the pin connection that worked for me (again some reading and research at the JP1 site)
Top Row:   X Black X
Bottom Row: White Green Yellow
If you go by the pins
6 - White
4 Green
2 Yellow
3 to Black
Connect the USB end to the computer where the RMIR software has been installed. RMIR is a java program, so the software will need java installed. Then change directory to the folder where RMIR was installed (basically unzipped) and run java -jar remotemaster.Jar
To connect the remote: on the menu select Remote -> Interface -> JP1.X.Serial and the USB port that is listed there. The rest of how to program needs some reading at
After finding the codes for your devices, one can define macros that help use the IR signals in sequence and turn on and switch channels etc for multiple devices with a single key press. I was able to program 8 devices and multiple sequences including TV, Amp, Media Player, the correct channels, lights, fans, Air conditioner etc. So it is quite powerful.
Back to discrete codes.
There is another software called IrScrutinizer that helps read the IR codes but needs a hardware reader and even so finding the discrete codes may not be possible, since there is usually no direct key press for those on the original remotes.
If you are still interested in this process, please feel free to reach me and I will help, with what I know.
Ramesh Kumar at:
Thanks to Ramesh for providing this information and making himself available to answer questions. (Some editing was done to improve clarity.)