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Nvidia shield

The code is not working I have a 2nd Gen nvidia shield everything I read it should work

Hello, David.

After some missteps I finally got my Inteset INT-422-3 to work with my Shield. I assume the code you are using is "04918". There were some older codes published on the Nvidia forums that do not work.

I have the 2nd Gen Nvidia Shield TV standard version. If you also have the standard version (and not the Pro), then you will need an external USB IR receiver to plug in to the back of the Shield. I made the mistake of getting the wrong IR receiver, the Inteset USB External Infrared (IR) Media Center Receiver with Cable for Kodi/MCE. The Inteset IReTV USB IR Receiver available from Amazon in the right one that works with the INT-422-3 and the 2nd Gen Nvidia Shield TV standard version.

Lastly, make sure the IReTV receiver is plugged in directly to the one of the two USB ports on the back of the Shield. I tried it in a USB hub and it wouldn't work.


Go to this link in the Forum for full information about the IReTV and Nvidia Shield.



I recently purchased the iReTV IR USB receiver and mapped the code 04918 to device C but the Shield does not respond to the key press on the Intset 422-3. I followed the instruction to select the device , press set see two blinks enter 04918 and see two blinks for the code to be accepted. But when I then use the remote with the iReTV USB IR Receiver connected, though the red light on the iReTV blinks but no action is performed on the Shield. The iReTV is connected directly to the USB on the Shield (on Hub etc) as you indicated.

I had earlier purchased the Inteset USB External Infrared (IR) Media Center Receiver with Cable for Kodi/MCE and returned and purchased iReTV USB from Amazon after reading your post. So very disappointed that it still does not work. Any help is appreciated.

The issue was that I was shipped the wrong IR Receiver (USB External Infrared (IR) Media Center Receiver with Cable) By a marketplace vendor of The iReTV receiver looks similar.

The way to tell them apart is that the USB External IR Receiver uses a Red Led and will not work with Nvidia Shield Gen 2 2017 Standard model.

The iReTV USB IR Receiver also from inteset works fine and uses a Blue Led and is plug and play. I purchased it directly from and is sold by Inteset.