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Not working with Fire TV Stick


I have set up the Y-adaptor in accordance with the instructions.

I've set my Harmony 665 to use Xbox 360.

However, it doesn't work.  I can press a button on the remote, and the blue LED comes on and stays on.  It never blinks, though, when pressing subsequent buttons.  Fire Stick does not register anything.

It's a second gen Fire TV Stick.  Is that not compatible? How can I troubleshoot this?

This is very frustrating, as your marketing material make this sound like easy plug and play...

Thanks for any help.



I had the same problem using INT-422-3 remote with the IReTV ir receiver and their OTG cable on the latest Fire Cube with official Fire TV ethernet adapter. Followed their diagrams to the letter, and it wouldn't work. First button press on remote caused a constant blue light on IR receiver.

To fix, I ended up buying a UGreen USB 2.0 hub/ethernet adapter combo - about $16 on Amazon and a better quality OTG cable (2 for $7) - the Inteset branded OTG is poorly made and cheap - my opinion. Plugged the new OTG into Fire Cube and the hub combo into OTG, and then IR receiver into 1 of the 3 USB slots. Remote works great now for Fire Cube and ethernet was detected.

thanks so much for the reply!

I'll give this a try.  I hate to throw good money after bad, but if it works it'll be worth it.


Just to update anybody searching for this problem:

Following scopus72's advice worked perfectly.  I can now control the Fire Stick using my Harmony. Thank you!

I just wish Inteset would address this problem, or at least admit there's an issue.