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Lag & unresponsive w/ Shield Pro 2019

I picked up a new Nvidia Shield Pro 2019 edition, which this model doesn't have an IR receiver built in, I understand that. I'm using the INT422-3 remote with the blue light IReTV ir receiver USB cord. And I have the USB receiver plugged directly into one of the USB ports on the Shield, not a hub.

I'm experiencing two issues:

1) Lag - the response time between what appears on screen is about one second behind the remote button presses. And this is leading to frustration, because I either have to be very slow and deliberate with each button press, or sometimes leads to pressing the buttons twice due to slow response if navigating at normal/quick speeds.

2) I have to be laser precise when pointing the remote to hit the IR receiver - there's no wiggle room at all. I'm using the remote 14 feet from the unit/IR, which is in a cabinet behind a clear glass door, but I have a good line of sight. And I do have the IR dongle pointing directly out the front of the cabinet toward where I sit and use the remote.

I have a similar setup in another room for the Fire TV Cube, which is working well with INT422-3 w/ IReTV, except the occasional loss of the down arrow/direction button. But it's very responsive and quick.

So is this just a Shield Pro model 2019 issue? Curious if I picked up a used 2017 Shield Pro with built-in IR, would the lag & line of sight issue go away?