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IRS5 with Harmony 628H

Is there a way to get the IRS5 to work with the Logitech Harmony 628H?  I've tried a ton of different settings for the remote.  I can get it to control the computer using Windows Media PC as the device, but I can't get it to turn the computer on.

It only works with Windows Media Center. Do you have W7 or W8? Your computer requires use of MS eHome drivers. They are native on W& & 8 but must be loaded on W10.

I have Windows 10.  What do you mean windows media center?  I'm able to control the computer with the remote, but I can't get it to turn on.  I don't think I have the MS eHome driver, but doing google searches and everything I can't find it.  Do you have a link on where to find it?


Can anyone tell me where I can find the eHome driver?  I'm starting to have some other issues, and I'd like to see if I can get this one to work.