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Inteset Wireless IR/RF Extender Troubleshooting

Please confirm the following:

  1. The base unit labeled Receiver (White Logo) is at the location that you want to point the remote at for control (usually your TV) while the unit labeled Emitter (Yellow Logo) is next to the device you want to control (ie Cable Box etc).
  2. The IR Receiver cable with the red/black plug is inserted into the IR receiver unit and the head is mounted on your TV bezel in clear sight of your remote.
  3. The IR Emitter cable (2 heads) is plugged into the IR Emitter base unit and one emitter head is mounted directly over the IR sensor on the device you want to control like your cable box.
  4. The power adapters are each plugged into a base unit in the jack labeled "5v".
  5. When you press a key on your remote, the blue LED on the IR Receiver base unit and the blue LED on the IR Emitter base unit both blink once per button press.
  6. If you are having a problem with reception or range you have moved the base units out in the open and closer to test if the units are receiving a signal from your remote when pointed at the IR Receiver head mounted on your TV bezel.

In some cases other cables and devices attached to the TV can cause interference so you can try moving the Receiver base unit away from those devices.

Incompatible Devices

Some Receiver versions are NOT compatible with these devices:  Cisco Explorer 9865, 8742, 8640, 4640, Spectrum 8640, SMTH3272, Samsung 101-T, SMT-C5320 &  Arris VMS1100, IPC1100?

If you have done or checked all of these things successfully and you are still having issues when you place the units in the desired locations, then you are either getting interference from the distance/material that the signal is travelling between or you have a defective receiver or emitter.