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Inteset IReTV USB IR Receiver & USB Y Cable Not working with Harmony One and Amazon Fire TV Cube


I am trying to repurpose an existing Harmony One remote that works quite well with all my devices except the Fire TV Cube due to the lack of on board IR on the Cube. So the  Inteset IReTV USB IR Receiver & USB Y Cable solution seemed to be what the doctor ordered for my system. I bought it on Amazon over the weekend. I am all wired up like the wiring diagram shows. Independently checked using the Fire TV cube's own remote that I have internet connection and everything works while using the Fire TC Cube remote.

I set up the activity on my Harmony One remote as a Play game activity using XBOX 360 as recommended on the website.

Tested the set up and it does NOT work. I see the Blue LED on the Receiver shining when ever I point the Harmony One Remote and click a FIRE TV Command (up, down, left, right etc.) but no action on the screen.

I checked the Developer settings and I do not see USB debugging mode on so I am at a loss, can anyone help?