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INT-422 Roku Troubleshooting

If you have a new Roku Premier or other box you may need to reset the box for a proper connection with the INT422 Remote. See here

Some users have had a problem with using the INT-422 Remote to access and/or control older Roku. The pre-programmed "D" device button as well as the device code "03061" have been tested on numerous different Roku models. All but the oldest Roku boxes and the Roku Stick work flawlessly in those tests. Here are some Troubleshooting Tips if you have a Roku issue.

1. Roku Stick (which is not IR) and older "Classic" versions (2009) do not work with the INT-422.
2. Be sure that the IR Receiver on the front panel of the Roku box is facing the remote. You must have a line-of-sight from the Roku receiver to the remote. On the Roku 3, the IR Receiver is on the side that has the "Roku 3" logo.
3. It appears that some Roku units have a weak Infrared (IR) Receiver. If your unit has a Roku IR remote and the reception is good then that is not your problem. Some Roku units come with Bluetooth (BT) and do not send an IR signal. All Roku boxes, except those in 1. above, have an IR receiver built in even if it comes with a BT remote. If you have a problem with signal distance and/or angle of reception, it may be a weak Roku IR Receiver in the Roku box.  If remotes other than the Inteset Remote and the Roku IR remote, which also uses BT,  have this problem then you know it is a weak IR receiver in the Roku unit. If your Roku is under warranty, you may want to get a replacement or just continue to use the Roku BT remote.

4. If our remote shows a problem with signal distance or angle of reception on more than one device then you should contact us for a replacement.
5. If you are attempting to program a Device Mode button, you must follow the included User Guide instructions precisely.
6. If you are attempting to program the device code and all you get is a long flash of the LED then you either have weak batteries or the programming memory is full. If the programming memory is full the only alternative is to reset the remote to Factory Default which clears all memory including the pre-programmed device buttons (A,B,C,D) (see User Guide to learn how to do a Factory Reset)
7. How to create “skip forward by 10 seconds” button (opposite of instant replay).  

1)    Press Roku device (D)
2)    Hold setup for a few seconds until it blinks
3)    Enter 995 (macros)
4)    Press “Skip forward” button (I used the small fast forward button).  This is the button you’re setting the macro to.  The next buttons are the series of commands assigned to your macro.
5)    Press the big “fast forward” button.
6)    Press “diamond” button once (assuming it’s assigned to nothing.  If you skip this step, it fast forwards only a few seconds.  Adding a “do nothing” button, is like creating a pause in the macro.  The more times you press the diamond button, the longer it will fast forward.  I found you only need to press it once to get roughly a 10 second skip forward).  
7)    Press “Play” button.
8)    Press and hold “setup” until it blinks to save your macro.

Now when you press the “Skip forward” button, your show should move ahead 10 seconds, which is a quick way to skip past commercials.  (Thanks to Matt G. for providing this great tip)

Roku TV's: The Device codes to use on Roku TVs are Here

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