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How to Set Volume Up/Down with Continuous Button Press

I have a problem that the volume button I mapped for my receiver does not repeat itself.  I cannot hold the button down to turn the volume  up or down rapidly, I need to press it numerous times.
Issue: Is it possible with the int-422-3 to have a button repeat itself when you hold it down ?

I looked for a specific code for my receiver in the Inteset website but did not find any so I 'learned' the volume button from one remote to another.  I then use the Global Volume Lock, to see if this would enable the 'repeat itself' action. I tested the remote again and with the Factory Default, the Device A works like a charm on my Samsung TV.  The volume will repeat itself as it should but when I learn the volume buttons from my receiver (on any button, including the Vol+ and Vol-), it will always send only one command and will never repeat itself.  

Solution: When you 'learn' a button, you need to press it once so the Inteset remote doesn't learn the same button twice.  I learned the Vol+ and Vol- from my receiver WHILE long pressing the button The Inteset remote learned the sequence perfectly and I can now control my receiver while long pressing the volume button.

I had the same problem, but, the Solution given did not work for some reason.

I solved it by Programming a new Device from the Setup Codes List (Bose Amplifier).

In my case I used the an unused Device Mode Button "D".

I then moved the Vol+, Vol- and Mute buttons over to my main Device.

Works great.

I then did a "Volume Lock" so all Devices use the Bose Volume Controls.