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HDMI Extender Troubleshooting

If you are having an issue setting up your HDMI Extender there are a number of possible fixes to this problem.

 1.            Make sure that you have a high quality HDMI cable. Older, less expensive cables do not transmit the signals well, if at all because they do not have the needed signal channel.

2.            Be sure that both Adapters are set to “IR”

3.            Make sure that the Emitter is near IR sensor of your cable box or other device per the listing picture.

4.            Make sure that the IR Receiver you located on your TV bezel is oriented per the picture in the listing.

5.            Unplug and re-plug the connections to be sure they are good

6.            If you have done all of the above try using a shorter HDMI cable as a test to see if that is the issue.


If there are no obvious problems you may have a defective adapter and we can send you new adapters which should  resolve that issue. 

I ordered the HDMI IR Extender from amazon and have it running from my Satellite DVR over a 75 foot HDMI cable to my TV in another room.  I have it set to IR on both ends.  When I turn on the TV and Satellite receiver in the other room everything powers on OK.  The only odd behavior is that I have to wait what seems like 5 minutes before the IR signal from the remote actually starts sending the commands.  Wondering why this is.  The power on signal is being sent to the receiver but then I have to wait like 5 minutes before I can change the channel.  Everything works flawlessly after I wait for what seems like a power up or a warm up period.  Have you guys seen this with other customers?  thanks