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Harmony 650, FireStick 4K and IReTV USB IR Receiver w/ Y Cable issues

I received the IReTV IR Receiver and Y Cable today and hooked them up as shown in the diagrams.  Went into the MyHarmony software, added a new device of “Microsoft XBox 360” and then created a “Game” activity that included the TV, Onkyo Receiver, Powered Subwoofer, and the “Microsoft XBox 360”.  Harmony 650 appears to control everything except the XBox 360 (the FireStick).  Is this what should work?  I have not reprogrammed any of the buttons yet, expecting to see some sign it would work before tweaking it.  I have programmed a number of different Harmony devices so this process is not new to me, and all of the devices except the FireStick were used before with DirecTV.  What am I missing?