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FireTV + IReTV + Hulu app = back/exit doesn't work

I recently purchased the IReTV IR receiver for my Fire TV. For the most part, it works exactly as described -- I was able to map commands with my Logitech Harmony Remote. However, I've run into an issue while using the Hulu app on my Fire TV. The mapping for exit/back works perfectly in every other app (Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO GO) but in Hulu, the back button mapping does nothing. I have also tried using other buttons available in the Harmony Remote Xbox 360 profile, and no keypress makes the Hulu app back or exit.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

This happens if the app (Hulu) isn't programmed to use the keyboard back button. It would be a complaint to Hulu to accommodate the keyboard back button in their app. Since the IReTV sends standard keyboard commands apps with keys that do not receive these commands will not work for those keys.