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firestick remote programming and HULU

I have recently purchased the IReTV device and it works great!

Since Im using the IReTV to control my firestick,  all of the buttons on the Inteset remote controls everything on the Amazon video interface as it should,  i.e. BACK, HOME, MENU, PAUSE, UP, DOWN, ect..

Now, I have HULU installed on my Firestick also. I can control the menu navigating in HULU  by using the default buttons that are used in the amazon video interface. However, the BACK function does not work in HULU.  I've noticed that the back function should work on the FIRE TV, but it's not working on the Firestick when trying to navigate the HULU interface.  Is there anyway to program the BACK function on the Inteset remote to mimic the back button on the firestick?

Im finding that once you get deep in the HULU interface, can not back out, and this makes you virtually locked into the HULU interface with being able to go anywhere.  You must then use the menu button to go back to the amazon interface just to free yourself.

I know you cant learn from the firestick because  it uses RF.  Is there any other way to get this BACK function on the Inteset remote to work in HULU?


I am not aware of any way to control that since the control resides in the Hulu app.

Hi any buddy  help me ?

Same issue comes with my fire stick, how can i solve my problem kindly help me.

I reboot my fire stick, but it can't work.