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Fire Stick TV issue

I have my Fire Stick plugged into an AV receiver which hooks to my TV. I have purchased both the Inteset IReTV USB IR Receiver and USB Y Cable from the trusted source (Amazon).   I have a Logitech Harmony 600. I have programmed it to use Microsoft XBOX 360 codes. I have made sure that CEC is turned off on both my AV receiver and TV. I have made sure my Fire Stick is not in developer mode (USB blocking is off).

As far as I can tell I have done everything to try to get this to work; but absolutely none of the buttons do anything with my Fire Stick. To be very clear the light on the IReTV does blink with some keys other keys turns on the light and it never turns off until I unplug it. Is there something I am missing? Please help.

The IReTV IR Receiver LED should blink blue. It is likely that your A/V Receiver is not passing the signal to the Fire Stick. You should hook it up directly to your TV to test. Contact us at the support site for further information.

Tried that today. Same result some (I think most) button presses result in the led turning on and staying on while nothing happens on screen. Some buttons do result in a blink instead but still nothing. Any further advice?

I have the same problem. TV not in CEC, Fire Stick not in diagnostic mode.  Was there ever any resolution to this?

Went out and bought a new stick, model 0984 and the IReTV works fine with my Harmony 665 remote.  Moved my old stick, model 0700 to the guest room!