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Can IRS5 wake the PC from standby?

Installed an IRS5 in my HTPC.  I can turn it on with the remote, and all buttons work fine. I can turn it off with the remote, although that appears to be a hardware shutdown, bypassing the OS shutdown procedure.  So I don't use that.  I would like to put the PC in standby or suspend mode (S4 I think).  But the remote won't wake it up from that state.  I can wake it up with a button press from a wireless keyboard with a USB transceiver.  I notice that the IRS5 has green and amber LEDs besides the red one.  These stay on all the time even when the PC is off.  When the PC is in standby, the amber LED blinks along with the power LED.  When I hold down a button on the remote in this state, the red LED intermittently blinks along with the amber LED.  So maybe the IRS5 will only accept signals while the amber LED is on?  Anyway, I also notice that the instructions recommend setting the power buttons to shutdown or hibernate.  Does that mean the IRS5 can't wake the PC from standby?