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Buttons periodically stop working

Hi, i have one of your 422-3 remotes that i bought in May last year and up until recently it has worked well. However, over the past few months the OK button has gradually stopped working, where i have to press it harder and repeatedly before it eventually works. Eventually it becomes completely unresponsive.

To temporarily fix it i open up the remote and with a tissue i wipe away what appears to be slight moisture on the circuit board where the OK button pushes onto. This makes it work perfectly for a week or so, but the problem (and moisture under OK button) keeps returning.

Is this a common problem and do you know of a more permanent solution?


There is no permanent solution except to replace the remote.

I opened the remote up and carefully super glued some small bits of aluminium foil to the under side of each rubber button and this has fixed it. I did this about a month ago and its still working ok.

This process may work but it is not recommended as it will void the one year warranty. However, this may be a good solution when the remote is past the warranty date.

I have 2 inteset int422-3 and both have failed the same way within 18 months of purchase. The ok button and the vol buttons have both failed on mine. The remote is good WHILE IT WORKS.

Has this button problem/issue been fixed?? Or do you expect people to buy a new remote every year or so.?

OEM Rubber button type remotes have been around for a very long time and rarely fail with many years of use. So i can't understand why is it so difficult to make a reliable quality universal remote.

Anyway beware of these remotes unless you like to buy a new one every year.

FYI, The fix I mentioned above is still working perfectly for me. While it's a bit fiddly and ideally shouldn't be necessary, it does seem to work.