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Apple TV 4th Generation Home Key-Long Press-Other Apple TV Tips

Home Menu Screen: The remote that comes with the 4th gen Apple TV is RF only, and is the only one to have a Home key.  None of their IR remotes have a Home key available. If the Menu key on the INT422 remote is pressed for a couple of seconds it will return to the Home menu screen.

Posted: 3 years ago
If you find your INT-422 remote is not working with the older AppleTV, the AppleTV box likely needs to be unpaired with the previous remote first. If so, please follow the instructions below that are found in the AppleTV instructions:

Unpairing Apple TV with a Remote

If you lose the Apple Remote that you paired with Apple TV, you can use any Apple Remote to unpair Apple TV from the lost remote by pressing and holding menu key for 6 seconds.You can also follow these steps:To unpair Apple TV from a previously paired remote:
1. Choose Settings from the Apple TV main menu.
2. Choose Unpair Remote.

When you’ve successfully unpaired the lost remote, Apple TV displays a broken chainlink symbol above an image of a remote. You can now pair Apple TV with a new Remote.

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Yes, unpairing old apple remote was the perfect solution to sync up w new universal remote. Letter c works great.

As you instructed...holding down menu button for six sec w old remote and then go to settings, general, remotes, unpair. Now pick up universal, hold down letter for device and then set and then the five digit code....) see above

Apple TV flashes LED 3 times, and the 422-3 does nothing more

Solution: Unpair Other previously-paired 3rd party remotes, Do this from the other 3rd-party remote itself.