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A Couple of Buttons Won't Learn

On A, B, C and D I've programmed the up/down  right/left buttons for each device. On the B device, which is a Tivo, the up/down and left buttons work, but no matter what I do I can't get the right button to work on device B. It works on A, C and D. I've tried deleting whatever was programmed in there before, using different remotes to pass the IR code along and programming the right function to another key. Nothing works.

I have a button or two on A, C and D that I can't get to learn IR command, but those aren't critical so I've ignored them. The right button is important on all 4 devices and it works on 3 of them.

I've had a few problems with learning failures while programming the remote. The light flashes rapidly and then appears to accept the transmitted code, but the button doesn't work when I try to use it. Sometimes I've gotten the button to learn the transmitted code by trying to teach it a dozen or more times, but sometimes nothing works.

What works, works well, but there are a few things that still need to be learned.

Any ideas?

Not all keys are learnable on all devices. Most keys are learnable if they are active on the original device remote. However, that depends on how the original remote was mapped to the keys on our INT422. Learning can be difficult if the remotes are not exactly aligned for learning or one our more button presses are not registered at the time of learning. It is best to firmly press each button in the learning process and follow the instructions exactly. Do not press any buttons too long as that may cause more than one IR signal to be sent.